Smart Vision School Facilities

Smart Vision School provides your child with a premium purpose-built facility to enhance his or her learning experience. Our facility maintains the highest health and safety standards. We are proud to have specifically designed learning spaces that cater to every element of our students’ academic, personal, physical and social growth.

The sense of intimacy, community and family is a key feature of our school whilst individual learning areas highly promote independence, confidence and creativity.

Our facilities include:

  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • 2 Sport Fields
  • 3 Playgrounds
  • School Garden
  • 1:1 iPads, all teachers Apple trained
  • Outdoor space for all FS Classes
  • Smart Vision School Primary Designated fully equipped playground

    Primary Designated Fully Equipped Playground

    Age-appropriate equipped playgrounds for Primary
  • Sustainable Gardens

    Individual and whole school planting spaces including vegetable garden
  • Smart Vision School - outdoor-classrooms

    Outdoor Classrooms

    Individual outdoor classrooms for all Foundation Stage classes
  • Smart Vision School Performing Arts Area

    Performing Arts Area

    Performing Arts area for young learners
  • Libraries

    Two libraries for Foundation Stage and Primary equipped with extensive range of quality resources to support the curriculum.
  • Multi Purpose Hall

    Air conditioned multi purpose area for year round PE
  • Smart Vision School 2020 Football Field

    Outdoor Field

    Full-size football pitch
  • Smart Vision School - Fully Equipped Playground

    FS Designated Fully-equipped Playground

    Age-appropriate equipped playgrounds for Foundation Stage.
  • Facilities-Art

    Music Room

    Highly resourced for creating and responding
  • Flexible Learning

    Break out areas to encourage creativity and collaboration
  • Smart Vision School Swimming Pool 2020

    Swimming Pool

    All year round paddling and 20m lap pool