Smart Vision School Governance

Smart Vision School has operated under the directorship of Atticus Education LLC (AE) since 2017.

Atticus Education is committed to developing confident, capable, and dynamic citizens who are fully prepared to lead in a challenging world.

Atticus Education’s core values depict the organisation as:

  • a community dedicated to learning, teaching, scholarship, discovery, creativity and critical thought
  • committed to global access and diversity, recruiting and supporting talented, ambitious students of all backgrounds.
  • educating students to understand the complexity of human history and the variety of the world’s cultures through engagement with social, political, aesthetic and scientific issues and contexts
  • preparing students to fulfill their responsibilities to the local, national and global communities in which they live and to steward the resources that sustain them

School Governance

Setting strategic direction within the context of a clearly-stated vision and ethos;

Holding the senior leadership team accountable for the achievement of strategy and running of the school;

Overseeing the overall educational performance of the school and suggesting ways for improvement;

Overseeing the financial performance of the school – this includes setting fees, budget oversight, and achieving financial targets.

Smart Vision School’s Governing Board comprises of representation from all groups of stakeholders in the school, including ownership, corporation, community, education, parent, staff and student representation. As a fully inclusive school, the Governing Board highly values the representation of our students of determination through the appointment of an “Inclusion Champion”.

In addition to the Governing Board, a Finance Advisory Board of the school executive exists to advise and ensure accountability for the strategic financial planning of the school.

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School Governing Board Members

School Ownership: Ms. Ayesha AlMutaiwei

Chair of the Board of Governors: Ms. Marion Sinclair

Vice-Chair and Education: Ms. Nazia Daha

Principal: Ms. Rachael Wilding

SENCO / Inclusion Representative Ms. Lesley Panzer

Business & Development Mr. Deepak Motiani

Board Member Mr. Tim Baker

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