Ensuring academic excellence through effective school governance and leadership

Smart Vision School has operated under the directorship of Atticus Education LLC (AE) since 2017. Atticus Education is committed to developing confident, capable, and dynamic citizens who are fully prepared to lead in a challenging world. Atticus Education’s core values depict the organisation as:

  • A community dedicated to learning, teaching, scholarship, discovery, creativity and critical thought.

  • Committed to global access and diversity, recruiting and supporting talented, ambitious students of all backgrounds.

  • Educating students to understand the complexity of human history and the variety of the world’s cultures through engagement with social, political, aesthetic and scientific issues and contexts.

  • Preparing students to fulfil their responsibilities to the local, national and global communities in which they live and to steward the resources that sustain them.

School Governance

Smart Vision School’s Governing Board comprises of representation from all groups of stakeholders in the school, including ownership, corporation, community, education, parent, staff and student representation. As a fully inclusive school, the Governing Board highly values the representation of our students of determination through the appointment of an “Inclusion Champion”.

In addition to the Governing Board, a Finance Advisory Board of the school executive exists to advise and ensure accountability for the strategic financial planning of the school.

Setting strategic direction within the context of a clearly-stated vision and ethos;

Holding the senior leadership team accountable for the achievement of strategy and running of the school;

Overseeing the overall educational performance of the school and suggesting ways for improvement;

Overseeing the financial performance of the school – this includes setting fees, budget oversight, and achieving financial targets.

School Governing Board Members

Ayesha Al Mutaiwei

Ayesha Al Mutaiwei - School OwnerMs. Ayesha Al Mutaiwei is the Managing Director and an Executive Board Member of Atticus Education, a respected provider of early years, primary and secondary education. Passionate about education Ms. Ayesha is committed towards the development of outstanding educational provision for Emirati and expatriate children across Dubai and the UAE. She is actively involved in school governance, acting as governor of two schools and has a keynote speaker at several educational conferences. Ms. Ayesha has extensive experience in developing quality education starting from pre-schools to tertiary education. Ms. Ayesha believes that education is the most powerful tool to transform society. A great visionary and leader, she believes in realizing the true potential of every child and works towards this goal.

Ms. Teju Sonuga


Teju is an experienced Educational Leader and Business owner. She has worked internationally across a range of educational settings, with roles including Assistant Principal, Director of Inclusion and Headteacher of a Center for Special Education. She holds qualifications including: BA in Early Education, PGCE in Primary Education and PGCert in Special Education Leadership. Teju is the founder of ‘The Bridge Learning Center’ an award winning center for students of determination with complex learning and developmental challenges. The Bridge
works in partnership with Smart Vision School to offer an additional layer of inclusive support. Teju is a keen advocate for inclusion, diversity and wellbeing. She specialises in supporting the development of inclusive provision, provision for individual learner needs and leadership accountability. Teju takes a hands-on approach to her work on the SVS board. This includes reviewing services in line with governing policy, coordination of CPD for staff, progress audits and identification of trends to feed into action planning. This collaboration supports SVS on their mission to ‘Excite, Engage & Empower’ all students, across a range of diverse backgrounds and needs.

Ms. Nazia Daha


Nazia Daha is school principal in one of American Curriculum schools in Dubai, New Academy School. She has over 17 years of experience in the field of education and has held various leadership positions since last 13 years. She holds Master of Education
degree in Leadership, Management and Policy. In her leadership roles, she had led various educational projects successfully, developing and running ELL program was one of them. She has successfully led her school through various inspections and accreditations. New Academy School acquired DSIB’s (Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau) good rating under her leadership along with full accreditation from NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). Nazia Daha is an approved NEASC visitor and has conducted various onsite and virtual NEASC accreditation visits. She has lead NEASC External Review visits, Abbreviated Foundation Visits, and Preparatory Visits. She has traveled to countries such as Vietnam, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia for accreditation visits.

Mr. Deepak Motiani

Deepak-Motiani-SVS-Business-Development Mr. Motiani, a Management Graduate from the City University of New York with a demonstrated history of working in the Education Management industry. He is a uniquely experienced COO skilled in Business Planning, Strategy, Negotiation, Retail, Market Research, and Management. Mr. Motiani with over 15 years of experience in international marketing and Business Development has been a founder and has run a successful business in the United States for more than a decade. He has extensive expertise in revitalizing, building, and developing new business models, which include Nurseries and
Schools. With his excellent skills in strategic planning and operations, he is spearheading the operations of schools & nurseries with Atticus Education.

Ms. Shaikha Bintouq

Mr. Peter Winder

Mr. Peter Winder brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of education. Having served as a Principal in a UK school and as an independent educational consultant both in the UK and abroad, he has demonstrated remarkable leadership skills. In a notable achievement, Mr. Winder played a pivotal role in transforming a UK school, initially judged as ‘failing’ by Ofsted, to attain a commendable “good with outstanding features” rating within a span of two years. His contributions extended to the UAE, where he served as the Principal and Founding Principal in four schools for 3-18 year-olds, successfully elevating standards from ‘acceptable’ to secure ‘Good with Outstanding features’ judgments by KHDA.

In his role as the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of a company overseeing 140 schools, Mr. Winder spearheaded a comprehensive restructuring of academic provision. This initiative resulted in heightened standards and improved accountabilities. Notably, he established dedicated subject support staff with clear lines of leadership and responsibilities, strategically reducing annual academic staffing costs to ensure optimal support for school Principals. Additionally, Mr. Winder introduced the Schools Improvement and Quality Assurance (SIQA) department, focusing on monitoring, supporting, and challenging school Principals to enhance standards of provision and outcomes. With a passion for collaborating with school leadership teams, Mr. Peter Winder remains committed to supporting and challenging international schools in their ongoing journey toward improvement and excellence.

Ms. Nina Aeckerle-Ekambi

For the past two and a half years, Nina has served on the Board of Governors as a crucial thread in the vibrant tapestry of the school community. As Parent Liaison within the Board she champions inclusivity and open communication, weaving a bridge between families and the school’s mission.

A German resident of Dubai for 12 years, the parent of a thriving student and an education professional herself, Nina understands the need to create safe spaces for parents and students to feel welcome and at home. She places emphasis on fostering cultural understanding and transparent communication to create an environment in which families feel heard and valued, and where children can develop and grow into empathetic, global citizens.
In her position as Parent Liaison she supports parents in creating a heartfelt community around Smart Vision School to support the school’s continued journey towards excellence.

Mr. Iqbal Sheikh

Iqbal Sheikh is a skilled professional in the banking industry, leveraging his degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester, UK, to bring a unique perspective to his work. With a career spanning over two decades, Iqbal has been a driving force in the banking sectors in the UK and UAE since 2000. Over the last four years, he has ventured into the realms of FINTECH and Product Innovation, making notable strides in the emirate of Ajman. Beyond his professional endeavors, Iqbal finds joy in playing badminton and immersing himself in enriching books.