All pupils applying the Smart Vision School will undertake a screening assessment. The assessment allows us to understand the academic level of each child and allow us to ensure that the child can access the curriculum that we offer. As an inclusive school our aim is to welcome all children who apply. The screening assessment and submitted documentation allows us to identify whether there are any areas in which a child will require additional support and the resources that would be required to meet the identified need.

For pupils entering EYFS, (FS1 and FS2) the screening process entails assessing a variety of skills such as: identifying basic shapes and letters, demonstrating fine motor and large motor skills, following directions, identifying shapes and drawing shapes that are identical or different and the ability to recall and repeat sentences. For pupils entering Primary (Yr.1 and Yr.2), the readiness screening includes 8 skills areas: Vocabulary, Identifying letters, phonemic awareness, comprehension, mathematical knowledge, developmental spelling ability and handwriting. For pupils entering Primary (Yr. 3 to Yr.6), the screening involves reading comprehension, writing, handwriting and mathematics skills appropriate for their current year level.

Pupils who have little or no English will be assessed through their previous school reports as well as their ability to communicate in their mother tongue. This may include the use of an age-appropriate mother-tongue text and undertaking writing in the mother tongue.