Empowering students with innovative technology for a modern and dynamic learning experience

Smart Vision School has a strong view on the importance of technology in the role of the education of its students. We see this as one of a number of key ingredients that support students in the learning process. As such, the presence and effective use of Information, Communication and Learning Technologies (ICLT) enhance learning in every classroom within the school and support students’ learning experiences.

We value the constant improvement of our facilities and technology to ensure our students have access to the best possible education. The SVS teaching community also aims to develop responsible and ethical digital citizens who are proficient in their use of technology and who use technology in a respectful, responsible and safe manner. This is achieved through:

  • Integration of technology authentically across all Key Learning Areas
  • A strategic plan to continually improve our environment and resources ( This year we have started our new smartboard integration, new Mac Lab for Computing lessons, pods of computers around the school for research, creativity and EALand Inclusion support as well as new learning resources such as Speroes, Beebots and Microbits)
  • Promotion of the strong command of information technologies, with a focus on digital citizenship
  • Facilitation of collaborative learning experiences via Seesaw and our core SVS learning apps and other digital learning platforms
  • Involvement of parents through the utilisation of electronic forms of communication such as Seesaw, school website, electronic newsletters, emails and SVS Social Media
  • The embedding of opportunities and experiences for students to engage and learn with a variety of technological devices and learning tools
  • The creation of an e-learning culture, based on the understanding that technologies play a key role and are fundamental to the preparation and implementation of learning, teaching and assessment opportunities for students and the personal and professional growth and development of staff.
  • BYOD 1:1 iPad scheme for Yr 3-Yr 7 and trolleys of iPads for FS1-Yr 2.