Digital @ Smart Vision School

The safe and responsible use of technology is a vital skill for today’s youth, to allow them success in their later lives. At Smart Vision School, all students have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technology both as consumers and as creators.

Innovation is both a process and a mindset. To support the UAE National Agenda and our students’ development, at Smart Vision, integrated technologies engage and empower our students to become the next generation of creative innovators.

Smart Vision School is a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) school with innovative and superior integration of technology integral to its vision.

The benefits of Smart Vision School’s 1:1 iPad programme are numerous. The programme:

  • Informs and involves parents and provides a real-time, interactive window into their child’s learning .
  • Places the learning in the hands of the student; promoting continuation, extension and application of learning anywhere, anytime
  • Enables the development of life-long learning skills including communication, creativity and critical thinking
  • Provides accessibility to people, places and experiences otherwise unimaginable
  • Provides personal choice in how students access, organise, apply and present learning