Technology Toolkit

All Students from Year One to Year Six use BYOD iPads as part of their learning toolkit. Foundation Stage students also have access to shared sets of iPads for individual and small group work.

All classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors. Our teachers are provided with powerful, professional Apple devices including iPads and MacBooks. This allows them to manage learning efficiently and effectively and to be delivering leading edge programmes with empowering technology.

Students also study computing as part of the curriculum.

The benefits of Smart Vision School’s 1:1 iPad program are numerous. The program:

  • Informs and involves parents and provides a real-time, interactive window into their child’s learning .
  • Places the learning in the hands of the student; promoting continuation, extension and application of learning anywhere, anytime
  • Enables the development of life-long learning skills including communication, creativity and critical thinking
  • Provides accessibility to people, places and experiences otherwise unimaginable
  • Provides personal choice in how students access, organise, apply and present learning