Extracurricular Activities Swimming

At Smart Vision School, education is about so much more than academic learning. It’s about developing our students’ talents and exploring their interests, as well as physical, emotional and social development.

With this in mind, we encourage our students to participate in a rich and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, giving them the opportunity to enrich their school experience within a safe and supportive environment.

Our expansive range of free extra-curricular activities include Sports, Languages, Arts, Quran, STEM, Technology, Public Speaking, Yoga, Cooking and more.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in externally-provided extra-curricular activities at an additional cost, billed directly by the provider. Extra-curricular activities programme choices are developed in consultation with faculty, parents and our external providers for ASAs. Extra-curricular activities run in three sessions per year and each session typically lasts 8-10 weeks. The activities on offer throughout the year include Swimming, Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Dance.

Please refer to our Swimming Policy for more information.

FS2 students have access to both internal and external ECAs, encouraging exploration of interests, skill-building and fun. Our community offers a range of activities, from sports to arts, tech, and more. Younger learners in SVS Starters (Nursery) and FS1 can join our afternoon daycare programme and external ECAs such as karate, ballet, and dance.

Cleopatra Swimming Academy

Cleopatra Swimming Academy is a Dubai based swim club with an experienced, fun and focused team that provides world class coaching to suit all swim levels and ages, from Baby and Toddler, Junior and Adult Learn to Swim classes up to Elite Swim Squads for our advanced swimmers.