2019 – 2020 Tuition Fee Schedule
Year GroupKHDA Approved Fees2019-2020 Academic Year Discount2019-2020 Academic Year Discounted Fees
FS 1AED 29,90010%AED 26,910
FS 2AED 35,90010%AED 32,310
Years 1-2AED 40,90010%AED 36,810
Years 3-4AED 45,90015%AED 39,015
Year 5AED 50,90015%AED 43,265
Year 6AED 53,90015%AED 45,815

*Discounts are only applicable to Tuition Fees.

*Admission Fees
Assessment FeeAED 500
Registration FeeAED 1,200
Administration FeeAED 1,000

* These fees are once-off and non-refundable.

Books & Resources
FS 1 - FS 2AED 500
Year 1 - 2AED 1,000
Year 3 - 6AED 1,200
Sibling Discount

Families with two or more children are eligible for additional sibling discount:

1st Sibling (2nd eldest child)10%
2nd & Subsequent Siblings (Youngest children)15%
Special Academic Discount

New students applying for entry into Year 5 and Year 6 may be eligible for an additional discount on the net discounted fee if he/she meets the specific academic criteria through admissions assessment.

Year GroupDiscount Offered
Year 530%
Year 630%
Optional After School FS Daycare

This service will be outsourced. Fees will be directly charged by provider.

Termly Payment Framework based on Discounted Fees
Year Group1st Term2nd Term3rd Term
FS 1AED 10,764AED 8,073AED 8,073
FS 2AED 12,924AED 9,693AED 9,693
Years 1-2AED 14,724AED 11,043AED 11,043
Years 3-4AED 15,606AED 11,705AED 11,704
Year 5AED 17,306AED 12,980AED 12,979
Year 6AED 18,326AED 13,745AED 13,744