Smart Vision School operates a House system. The house system aims to give pupils an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. All pupils are allocated to one of the four houses, Lari, Hosani, Majan and Sharaf. Pupils have a sports shirt of their house colour, which they wear for PE lessons and house events and activities.

The house system at Smart Vision School is used to support and recognise pupils for making positive choices and for making excellent effort in learning. The house system develops a sense of community and team spirit across the school. It provides opportunities for pupils to develop all aspects of social and emotional development and learning: independence, collaboration, teamwork, responsibility and creativity.

Throughout the year, pupils receive points which contribute to the house competitions. Pupils will receive house points as recognition for things such as good behaviour, good work, and positive attitudes. Pupils receive points for their house through house events, such as; sports day, quizzes, creative challenges, public speaking, poetry, and art & design competitions.

We hold weekly assemblies where individual house points are tallied and the winning house announced. At the end of each term, all points are counted and the winning house for the term is announced and awards are distributed.

House Name: Lari
A symbol of knowing who you are and what you believe in and standing up for it, being a role model for others to follow…

Courage Individuality

House Name: Hosani
A symbol of believing in yourself no matter what your challenges and striving to succeed despite all obstacles, to be the best you can be.

Inclusion Perseverance

House Name: Majan
A symbol of being a problem solver, believing anything is possible and thinking in different ways to explore solutions and ways to do things better.

Creativity Innovation

House Name: Sharaf
A symbol of being a lifelong learner, seeking answers to things we do not know and being confident in your abilities to guide others to new discovery or skill.

Leadership Curiosity