Smart Vision School prides itself on its inclusive approach to education. We see the diversity of our pupil and staff population as one of our greatest assets, and we make every effort to give each and every pupil full access to our National Curriculum programmes. We believe that inclusion is an on-going process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all pupils by identifying and removing barriers to learning and development.
 We are committed to the early identification and support of pupils with learning diversity needs through:

  • responding to the needs of pupils with learning diversity needs
  • effective learning and teaching practices using a differentiated and inclusive curriculum
  • programme and support provision that is effective and inclusive to meet the needs of all pupils

The types of support for individual pupils will be determined by the SEND Department, in conjunction with parents, teachers and professionals. Support may be provided by:

  • A differentiated approach by the classroom teacher
  • In-class support by a Learning Support Teacher or Teacher Assistant
  • Withdrawal from class for small group work
  • An Individual Learning Support Assistant
  • Support from appropriate outside agencies, such as Speech and Language Therapy. Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Play Therapy

Necessary additional support that is beyond the school’s resources, such as an ILSA and/or speech and language therapy or occupational therapy, will need to be the responsibility of the child’s parents.