Assessment British School

At Smart Vision School, assessment informs deeply personalised provision to ensure that each and every student makes rapid progress towards their true potential.

Annual GL International benchmarking Assessments inform starting points against which progress is measured for all students from FS2 to Year 7.

GL CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) deeply inform the learning bias of each student and predictive levels against which actual progress is measured for students from Year 3 to Year 7.

Internal continuous formative assessment heavily involves students in celebrating progress and identifying next steps. Targets for key areas are reviewed regularly and shared with parents. Formative assessment involves the student at its core and focuses not only on the acquisition of knowledge but skills and demonstration of our Smart Vision School attitudes and overarching values.

FS to YR2

The mode of assessment in FS to Year 2 is informal and ongoing. Teachers maintain student’s attainment data through observation of their learning and behaviour as they perform tasks and participate in varied, purposeful learning experiences. In addition, teachers maintain student’s physical and digital portfolios, which celebrate and evidence personal progress.

YR2 to YR7 Assessments

YR2 to YR7

Assessment in Key Stage Two comprises of a balance of oral, written and practical work and reflects the individual’s personal and academic progress throughout the term.

Students are fully involved in the establishment of success criteria and are provided choice in how they demonstrate their learning. Peer and teacher feedback is integral in a continuous process of reflection and personal target setting.


We recognise the value and impact of parent involvement in our students’ learning. We also identify that detailed, regular communication is key to the success of this. In addition to our daily and weekly multi-modal detailed communications about what and how the students are learning, we report formally to parents termly.

Smart Vision School Al Barsha Academics

Our communication of individual progress and next steps for improvement will take the following forms:

  • Beginning year information evening provides parents with overview of the curriculum, philosophy and expectations.
  • Goal setting reports and parent meetings in October are an opportunity to share beginning year assessment findings with parents and establish students’ strengths and targets.
  • Formal reports will be issued in January and June of each year and will report on student’ progress and attainment in all subject areas.
  • Student-led and parent-teacher conferences will occur after first formal report and in Term Three.