Smart Vision School’s Research clearly demonstrates the positive impact on learning, progress and academic success when parents are actively involved in their child’s education; when they are working in partnership with the school and when the school is working in partnership with them.

Through parental engagement:

  • Pupils achieve more, regardless of their socio-economic status, their background or the parents’ education level.
  • pupils attain at higher levels, they have better school attendance, and they complete homework more consistently.
  • Pupils have higher graduation rates and greater enrolment rates in higher education.
  • Pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds perform better when parents and teachers collaborate to bridge the gap between the home environment expectations and school expectations for learning.

Our school is a welcoming school. We actively encourage parents to participate in their child’s education. We support parents in taking an active part in discussions about their child’s progress and ways of working together supporting the next steps in learning.

At Smart Vision School our commitment is to

  • Ensure that the school climate and structures support family involvement.
  • Ensure that the school is welcoming and that parents feel that they are welcomed
  • Ensure that there is proactive communication from the school and that opportunities are created for face-to-face discussion
  • Ensure that parents have regular access to clear, concise, and easily readable information about their child’s learning
  • Pro-actively ask parents to share their concerns and opinions about school, and then address those concerns.
  • Accommodate language and cultural differences within the school community. and interacting following the cultural norms of the parents.

We welcome parents being proactive in engaging in school support and improvement beyond the needs of their own child. The Parents and Teachers Association (SVS PTA) is constituted to provide a forum for discussion and feedback with the goal of supporting the school community and assisting in school development and improvement.

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