In keeping with our mission that all children can learn and all children can succeed, Smart Vision School is open to students of all nationalities to whom a well-rounded education is offered irrespective of their gender, race, disability, or special educational needs in line with the Ministry Of Education regulations and the schools admission policy.

Year group placements are made according to the age norms that operate in the British system. As per the Government regulation a transfer certificate for all children from the child’s current school will be required in order to facilitate the correct placement. Placements are made by age as per KHDA requirement as follows:
2017 3 FS1
2016 4 FS2
2015 5 Year 1
2014 6 Year 2
2013 7 Year 3
2012 8 Year 4
2011 9 Year 5
2010 10 Year 6

Smart Vision School is an inclusive school, therefore, conducts assessments of all applicants in order to establish their academic level and to ensure that the child is able to access the school's Programme so as to determine the levels of support that may be required.

Applications for Emirati and other students with developing English

Smart Vision is committed to making its programme available to some

students with limited English.

A student with difficulty in the English language can be admitted if he or she is assessed and able to access the curriculum. The prime aim will be to have students study without support at the earliest opportunity. The school will implement additional intervention or support for such cases.

Applicants who need specific additional learning support

The School will support parents to source additional learning support assistant to work with students in the school who have been identified as having additional learning support needs or disabilities as per our “Shadow Teacher” policy.

The school will support parents to outsource specific specialist therapists or professionals as necessary to identify/diagnose and support student’s specific additional needs. Such may include Educational Psychologists, Occupational or Speech Therapists.

Admission Process

Opening of admissions will be advertised on the school website in February of each year and also through a written circular informing all present and prospective parents of the admission process and timeline.


Parents wishing to register their child will be able to do so either by visiting the school or filling in an online registration form. Admissions department will respond to all enquiries through email or phone and assign an appointment for a school tour.

School Tour

Upon visiting the school on said appointment, parents are taken for a full tour of the school and thereafter parent may decide to book an assessment.


Assessment of the child and interview with both the parents will be conducted on the given date/time all students who have applied and have been invited for an assessment will be asked to meet the Principal for an informal assessment, the outcome of which will be recorded on the assessment form.

Year 1 students and above will complete a written assessment in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science. If English support is required, the Principal or Head of Section will be informed and assessment arranged with support staff. If the Head of Section or Principal considers that learning support may be necessary for the child, additional reports may be called for and recommendations recorded in the child’s personal file. Further assessment may also be asked for.

Once the Admissions Officer has completed the file it is returned to the Principal to complete with the appropriate letter prepared for parents for final signature. The Principal will comment on whether an offer can be made, but has the right to ask for further information before approving an offer, and has the responsibility of ensuring that the class size policy is respected.

Assessment results

The result is finalised within 48 hours of the assessment and parents of successful students will be informed via Mograsys.

Acceptance of Offer

Parents of successful applicants will be given 10 working days to accept the offer and secure the place by paying the registration fee and 10% of the tuition fees, along with post dated cheques for the remaining fees.Failure to do so will result in the admission being automatically cancelled and the place will be offered to the next applicant.

  • Emirates Identity Document of both parents and the child
  • Any documentation concerning needs for learning support, proof of necessary immunization and a school medical form completed
  • Outcomes of assessments and a report from the child’s current school and or last Report Card from the previous school
  • Passport size latest photographs of both parents and children registering
  • School Leaving Certificate attested by: a) Ministry of Education b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs c) UAE Consulate

Failure to produce any of the above documents will delay admission and placement. In the case of any failure to produce proof of immunization in the due time after admission will result in exclusion until such documentation is obtained. If any part of the completed application and the supporting documentation is found to be false, misleading, or incomplete, the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place or to ask that the child is withdrawn from school having been admitted.

Admission Formalities

Parents complete an online application form and submit the form via Mograsys with the appropriate fee and all appropriate supporting documentation, which must include reports from the current school being attended and the results of any assessments that have been undertaken. The school Admissions Officer (AO) will then issue the parent with the following:

  • Admission Package / Fee Structure
  • Admission and Fee Payment Formalities
Admission Finalised

On Receipt of complete documents and payments outlined above, parents will be directed to the KHDA approved Parent Contract. Admission is finalised once the KHDA Parent Contract is signed.

At this point parents are provided with:

  • Welcome Letter sent via Mograsys
  • Carer ID/s issued by the KHDA Registrar